Constantine the Great

Killingholme hoard

      This hoard was discovered in 1993.The hoard consisted of approximately 3700 Constantinian bronze folles, mainly from mints in the Western Empire, predominantly struck in A.D. 320's and the early 330's.The hoard was concealed in Englands North Humberside area circa 323-334 A.D.

Constantine the Great coin from the Killingholme hoard

A.D. 321
CONSTANTINVS P AVG laureate, cuirassed
BEATA TRANQVILLITAS [Blessed Peace (calm)] globe set on altar inscribed VO/TIS/XX; above, three stars.
C R , in ex. PLG
Lugdunum (Lyons) RIC 128


Langtoft II hoard

  This hoard was found on 24th September 2000. It consisted of 924 coins that were buried near an old Roman road, which runs through Langtoft, Yorkshire. The coins were mostly reduced folles from Constantine the Great and his family.Since the latest coin in the hoard dates to around 325 A.D., it is believed that the hoard was deposited circa 325.

Constantine the Great coin from the Langtoft II hoard

A.D. 320
IMP CONSTANT-INVS AVG high crested helmet, cuirassed, spear over right shoulder
VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP [ Joyous (well-earned) victory to the eternal Prince] two Victories stg., facing one another, together holding shield inscribed VOT PR [VOTA POPULI ROMANI (vows of the Roman people)] on altar. (type 3d- Wreath with cross ).
In exergue PLN RIC VII London 168 r1

Constantine the Great coin from the Langtoft II hoard

A.D. 321
CONSTA-NTINVS AVG helmeted, cuirassed
BEATA TRAN-QVILLITAS [Blessed Peace (calm)] globe set on altar inscribed VOT / IS / XX; above, three stars
In ex. PTR RIC VII Trier 303 c3

Nether Compton hoard

    The Nether Compton hoard was found inside a pot buried in a field near Nether Compton, England on 19th February 1989. This hoard contained 22,670 Roman coins; all of about 7% were from the 330ís. The hoard was probably deposited circa A.D. 339, since it contained no two victory types. It has been estimated that there were 20,000 to 21,000 Gloria Exercitus coins and around 1,000 to 2,000 Urbs Roma and Constantinopolis commemoratives. There were about 600 various other coins, the earliest dating to Aurelian.

VRBS ROMA from the Nether Compton hoard

A.D. 330-1
Obv. VRBS-ROMA [City of Rome] Roma, helmeted, wearing imperial cloak.
Rev. She-wolf left with twins (Romulus and Remus); above, two stars.
dot SLG  RIC VII Lugdunum 247


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Constantine the Great