Constantine the Great

Most of the abbreviations are the same as  those used by the American Journal of Archaeology

ActaArch Acta archaeological

ActaInstRomFin Acta Instituti romani Finlandiae

AHR American Historical Review

AJA American Journal of Archaeology

AJP American Journal of Philology

ANS American Numismatic Society

ANSMN American Numismatic Society Museum Notes

Archaeometry  Archaeometry. Bulletin of the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, Oxford University

Arctos  Arctos. Acta Philologica Fennica

BMOP British Museum Occasional Paper

Britannia  Britannia. A Journal of Romano-British and Kindred Studies

Byzantion Byzantion. Revue internationale des études byzantines

CÉFR Collection de l'École française de Rome

Chiron  Chiron. Mitteilungen der Kommission für alte Geschichte und Epigraphik des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts

CHR  The Catholic Historical Review

CP Classical Philology

CQ Classical Quarterly

DOP Dumbarton Oaks Papers

EHR English Historical Review

Eranos Eranos. Acta philologica suecana

FolArch Folia archaeological

GR Greece and Rome

Hermes Hermes. Zeitschrift für klassische Philologie

Hesperia  Hesperia. The Journal of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens

Historia   Historia : Zeitschrift für alte Geschichte

HNS Hellenic Numismatic Society

HSCP Harvard Studies in Classical Philology

JAABI The Journal of Antiquarian Association of the British Isles

JCMNS The Journal of the Classical & Medieval Numismatic Society

JEA The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology

JEH Journal of Ecclesiastical History

JHI Journal of the History of Ideas

JHS Journal of Hellenic Studies

JPPSM The Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Methods

JRH The Journal of Religious History

JRMMRA Journal of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association

JRS The Journal of Roman Studies

JThS Journal of Theological Studies

Minerva  Minerva. The International Review of Ancient Art and Archaeology

MittNumGes  Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Numismatische Gesellschaft

NC TheNumismatic Chronicle

NK Numizmatikai közlöny

NNÅ Nordisk Numismatisk Årsskrift

NNM American Numismatic Society. Numismatic Notes and Monographs

NumAntCl  Numismatica e antichità classiche

NZ Numismatische Zeitschrift

OpRom Opuscula romana

PACA Proceedings of the African Classical Associations

PACT Journal of the European Study Group on Physical, Chemical, Biological and Mathematical Techniques Applied to Archaeology

PastPres Past and Present

Phoenix Phoenix. The Classical Association of Canada

RÉA Revue des études anciennes

RIC Roman Imperial Coinage

SAN Journal for the Society of Ancient Numismatics

SchwMbll Schweizer Münzblätter

TAPA Transactions of the American Philological Association

WorldArch World Archaeology

ZfE  Zeitschrift für Numismatik

ZPE  Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik


Constantine the Great