Constantinian Late Roman Bronze Coinage

Constantine the Great was “matched by none in grace and beauty of form, or in tallness, and so surpassing his contemporaries in personal strength that he struck terror into them.” - Eusebius.

Statue of Constantine the Great in the narthex
                    of San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome, circa 315 A.D.

  This website features the bronze coinage of Constantine the Great. Constantine was one of the most (if not the most) influential of the Roman emperors, and his actions and deeds are still affecting people to this day. An interesting question to ask is, “without Constantine would Christianity have flourished?”

Constantine the Great

In 2009, I finished my master's thesis on Constantine the Great and his bronze coinage - "Constantine the Great: The Coins Speak."


Late Roman Bronze Forum

If you enjoy Constantinian coins and other Late Roman Bronze coins, I have started a forum dedicated to these coins- please visit and participate.
 Late Roman Bronze Coin Forum

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Constantine the Great bust at the Metropolitan
                    Museum of Art in New York

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