Reverse Types of
Reverse Types of
          Constantine the Great

     Listed below are the reverses issued in bronze with Constantine on the obverse. It is not a complete list, but I believe I have most of them. These are just the bronze coins: folles, reduced folles and fractionals. Some of the descriptions will vary quite a bit among the variations of coin types, so your coin may not be exactly as described. While many of these are easy enough to find, a few are extremely rare.

ADVENTVS AVG  Prince riding left, r. raised, l. holding up spear, on horse pawing seated captive to l.

BEATA TRANQVILLITAS  globe set on altar inscribed VO/TIS/XX; above, three stars.


CLARITAS REIPVBLICAE  Sol stg. l., chlamys across l. shoulder, raising right hand, globe in left.

CMH Genius standing.

COMITI AVGG NN  Sol standing left, chlamys falling from left shoulder, holding globe & whip

CONCORD MILIT  Concordia standing left, holding standard in each hand


CONCORD(IA) IMPERII  Concordia stg. l., modius on head, right hand leaning on sceptre, left holding horizontal fold of drapery.

CONCORDIA MILITVM Jupiter presenting Victory on globe to Constantine.


CONSERVATOR AFRICA SVAE  Africa standing facing, head left, in long drapery with elephant-skin head-dress, right holding standard, left tusk; at feet to left, lion with captured bull.

CONSERVATORES KART SVAE   Carthage standing facing, head left, holding fruits in both hands, within hexastyle temple

CONSERVATORES VRB SVAE  Roma seated facing, head left, in hexastyle temple, globe in right hand, scepter in left

CONSTAN/TINVS/AVG  in three lines wreath above.


CONSTANTINO P AVG BRP NAT Constantine standing facing, head left, in military dress, right holding globe, left leaning on scepter.

CONSTANTINIANA DAFNE Victory seated l. on cippus, palm branch in left hand and laurel branch in right hand, looking r.; trophy at front, at the foot is a kneeling captive with head turned being spurned by Victory

DN CONSTANTINI MAX AVG  laurel wreath enclosing VOT XX or VOT XXX or camp gate with two turrets and star above.

FELICITAS AVGG NN Felicitas seated l., holding branch and globe.

FELICITAS PERPETVA SAECVLI Emperor in military dress, stg. l., chlamys across left shoulder, receiving Victory on globe from Sol stg. r., cloak displayed; between them kneeling captive.

FIDES MILITVMcampgate with three beacons

FVNDAT PACIS  Mars helmeted, nude, advancing r., looking l., trophy across l., shoulder, flying chlamys, dragging captive by hair.

GENIO AVGG ET CAESARVM NN  Genius standing left.

GENIO AVGVSTI Genius standing left.

GENIO CAESAR Genius standing left.

GENIO EXERCITVS Genius standing left.

GENIO FIL AVG  Genius standing left.

GENIO IMPERATORIS  Genius standing left.

GENIO POP(VLI) ROM(ANI) Genius standing left.

GLORIA EXERCITVS Soldier holding reversed spear in right, left hand on shield or Two soldiers helmeted, stg. facing one another, reversed spear in outer hands, inner hands on shields resting on the ground; between them two (or one) standards.

GLORIA PERPETTwo Victories advancing right, both holding wreath and branch; between them standard.

GLORIA ROMANORVM Roma seated on a shield, holding a long sceptre, Victory on a globe in right hand.



HERCVLI VICTORI  Hercules standing right, leaning on club. Club draped with lion's skin

IMP LICINIVS AVG  bare head of Licinius,right

IOVI CONSERVATORI AVGG (NN) Jupiter stg. l., chlamys across l. shoulder, leaning on sceptre with eagle, Victory on globe in right hand; eagle holding wreath to left; to right, captive on ground. (many varieties of this type)

LIBERATOR ORBIS Constantine on horseback right, right hand raised, holding large round shield on left arm, riding down lion below horse

LIBERATORI VRBIS SVAE  Roma seated facing, head left, in hexastyle temple, globe in right hand, scepter in left or Roma presenting globe to Constantine.

LIBERTAS PVBLICA Victory standing left on galley, wreath in both hands

MARTI PACIF(ERO) (AVG N) Mars in military dress, lunging left; right holding branch, left holding spear and shield.

MARS VICTOR Mars with spear and trophy

MARTI (PATRI) CONSERV(ATORI) Mars in military dress, stg. r., reversed spear in r. hand, l. on shield set on the ground, cloak across r. shoulder.

MARTI PATR SEMP VICTORI Mars with spear and trophy.

MARTI (PATRI) PROPVG(NATORI)  Mars, naked but for chlamys, advancing right with spear and shield in left hand.


PACIS GLORIA Constantine standing left and wearing a robe; holding globe in left hand and branch in right hand.

PACI PERPET (XII) Pax standing left, holding standard.

PAX PERPETVAPax stg. front, looking l., legs crossed, olive branch in r. hand holding transverse sceptre, leaning on column to r.

PERPETVA VIRTVS  Mars standing with spear and shield.

PERPETVITAS AVGG  Roma seated left, holding victory and spear.

PIETAS AVGG  Emperor standing left, loins draped with himation, right hand stroking child to left, left leaning on sceptre.

PLVRA/NATAL/FELIn laurel wreath.

P M TR P COS II P P  female figure seated on a double cornucopia, holding a wand in her right hand.

PRINCIPI IVVENT BRP NAT Prince with spear and globe.

PRINCIPI  IVVENTVTIS  Prince standing rt., holding a globe and spear or  with captive on either side or  holding legionary standards.

PROVIDENTIAE AVGG  Female standing on prow, holding cornucopiae, received by turreted Arles holding sceptre or camp gate, two turrets, no doors, star above.

RECVPERATORI VRB SVAE soldier presenting victory to Constantine, seated left.

RESTITVTOR ROMAE  Roma giving a globe to the emperor.

RESTITVTOR VRBIS SVAE Cult image of Roma in a temple.

ROMAE AETER (AVGG)  Roma seated in temple or Roma seated.

ROMAE AETERNAE  Roma std. r., shield in lap inscribed X/V


SAC MON VRB AVGG ET CAESS   Moneta standing left, holding scales in right hand, cornucopiae in left.

SAECVLI FELICITAS Shield with AVG on cippus, decorated with garland.

SALVIS AVGG ET CAESS FEL KART Carthage standing left holding fruits.

SAPIENT(A) PRINCIP(IS)  owl on top of an altar.

SARMATIA DEVICTA Victory advancing r., holding trophy, palm branch, spurning captive std. on ground to r.

SECVRIT PERPET DD NN Securitas standing by a column.

SECVRITAS AVGG  Securitas standing left, leaning on column.

SOLI INVICTO COMITI   Sol rad., raising r. hand, globe in l.; stg. l., chlamys across l. shoulder. (many varieties)

S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI  Legionary eagle between two vexella

SPES PVBLIC Rev. legend across field; labarum, with three medallions on drapery and crowned by chi-rho, pierces serpent.

SPES REIPVBL(ICAE)Constantine on horse, trampling a captive.

TEMPORVM FELICITAS  Felicitas standing.

TRB P CONS III-P P PROCONSVL  Emperor std. l. on curule chair, holding globe and short sceptre.

VBERTAS SAECVLI three Moneta standing or Ubertas standing left, draped, holding balance with two scales in right hand, cornucopiae in left.

VTILITAS PVBLICA Soldier holding Victory on globe receiving Utilitas stg. on prow, holding cornucopiae and scales.

VICTORIA AET AVGGG NNN Victory presenting globe to Constantine or Victory advancing inscribing VOT X on shield attached to palm tree or Victory standing right, inscribing VOT/X in two lines on shield set on cippus set on base; right foot on base.

VICTORIA AVGG  Victory holding wreath and palm branch.

VICTORIA CAESS Victory standing l., wreath in raised hand.

VICTORIAE AETERNA AVGG N Victory inscribing shield with VOT IS XX

VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP two Victories stg., facing one another, together holding shield inscribed VOT PR, on altar.

VICTORIAE LIBERAE Victory advancing l., holding wreath, branch, pushing captive std. on ground.

VIRT (PERP) CONSTANTINI AVG  Emperor helmeted, in military dress, stg. l., holding reversed spear in left hand and victory on globe in r., to l., captive std. on ground; to r., shield.

VIRT EXERC Sol stg. in the middle of what may be a raised platform with steps, raising r. hand, holding globe in l., chlamys across left shoulder.

VIRT EXERCIT GALL (XVI) Virtus leaning on a spear

VIRT PERP CONSTANTINI AVG Mars with a captive.

VIRTVS AVGG gateway with wide open doors, four turrets, star above.

VIRTVS AVGG ET CAESS NN  Virtus/Mars walking right, carrying spear,shield and trophy or  horseman rides down two or three captives.

VIRTVS AVGVSTI Emperor stg. r., holding spear, hand on shield set on ground.

VIRTVS CONSTANTINI CAES Prince with shield on left arm, galloping right and spearing kneeling foeman, second foeman prostrate on ground.

VIRTVS EXERCIT  banner inscribed with VOT XX (or trophy) standing on ground, captive seated on either side

VIRTVS PERPETVA AVG Hercules wrestling lion or Mars standing.

VIRTVTI EXERCITVS Virtus advancing r. in military dress, r. holding transverse spear, l. shield and trophy over shoulder, or Virtus nude except for helmet advancing right, holding  spear in right and trophy over left shoulder.

VOT IS Xvows

VOT X CAES (NN) vows

VOT X AVG N vows

VOT X/ET XV F in laurel wreath.


VOT/XV/FEL/XXin laurel wreath.



VOTA PVBLICA Galley right, Isis in prow holding sistrum and situla.

These images were taken from many sources: my collection, other peoples collections, E-bay, Wildwinds and CoinArchives.

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