Constantine the Great


ACE - Ancient Coins for Education online resource with many articles and a coin gallery.

FORVM - online resources and active discussion board and member's gallery.

Wildwinds- Dave Surber's phenomenal site.The single best online site for attribution. Here is the Constantine section.

CoinArchives- a repository of coins previously featured in major numismatic auctions.

Helvetica's- outstanding RIC lists from Dane (mainly RIC VII). An extraordinary site!  

Cohen- Cohen online (in French).

Doug Smith's Site- An Educational Site on Roman Coins, Greek Coins and other Ancient Coins.

Warren Esty's fantastic site. He has a Guide to Late Roman AE Coin Types, AD 364-450.  

James Pickering's site on ROMAN COINS OF THE LONDON MINT: 296-325 AD

Lech Stepniewski's site NOT in RIC, coins not listed in RIC VI and VII

The Celator- the world's premier journal for ancient coin collectors -- no longer in print

VCoins- The online coin mall. The best place to look for a coin.

Berlin Museum coin cabinet - A stunning collection

The Fitzwilliam Museum coin cabinet - most of the Constantinian coins look like uncleaned examples, and many are in poor condition

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Constantine the Great