Constantine the Great

A Fantasy Coin of Constantine the Great

Fantasy coin of Constantine the Great

    This is a fantasy coin of Constantine the Great that shows up occasionally. Here is another of this type. This coin is a fantasy coin because it never actually existed in ancient times. It is a combination of a Constantine obverse, paired with the reverse of a Judean coin issued by Antonius Felix (prefect of Judea from A.D. 52-59) under Claudius. The reverse is two oblong shields and two spears crossed. The obverse has a Latin legend, while the reverse, the part that looks like O KAA, is Greek. This coin was probably manufactured for some sort of promotional, and it is likely to be only a few decades old. Below is a picture of the actual coin the reverse design came from.

AE prutah

AE prutah issued by Antonius Felix, who was procurator of Judaea (A.D. 52-60) under the emperor Claudius
Obverse: Two shields and two spears crossed
Reverse: BPIT above 6 branched palm-tree

last modified on 31 July 2007

Constantine the Great