Stolen or Lost Coins

    These are coins that I bought, but were stolen or lost in the mail. If you see them for sale, or have them, I would like them! I know, what are the odds that someone will return my coins, but there is no harm in asking!


Siscia 84 VLPP

Constantine I
A.D. 319
CONSTANTI-NVS AVG high crested helmet, cuir., spear across r. shoulder, shield on left arm
VICT dot LAETAE PRINC PERP[ Joyous (well-earned) victory to the eternal Prince] two Victories stg., facing one another, together holding shield inscribed VOT PR [VOTA POPULI ROMANI (vows of the Roman people)] on altar(type 6f-The letter S).
dot ESIS dot
RIC VII Siscia 84 r3

I purchased this coin in November 2005 from Germany E-bay, no responses from seller.
Sabine Falkensteiner
Andra-Doppler Weg 10a
5071 Wals


Lyons 266  Constantinopolis

RIC VII Lyons 266
16mm   2.5 gm

I bought this coin from a seller in France on May-29-06.
The coin never made it. If you happen to see it
Please let me know.



I bought this coin from:
Karen Minnihan
12 Sequoia Dr. Freeport,
ME 04032
(ebay I.D. ancientrulers006)
I paid for this coin on 29 September 2006. No responses from seller.
Item number: 250032419750


Siscia 84

Constantine the Great AE 19 mm. 3.7 gm. 319 AD.
Obverse: CONSTANTINVS AVG, helmeted and cuirassed bust left, holding spear and shield. Reverse: VICT LAETAE PRINC PERP, two Victories facing & inscribing VOT PR on shield, dot A SIS dot in ex. RIC VII Siscia 84.
I bought this coin on E-bay in November 2007 (item # 290176877701)


If you see any of these coins, please e-mail me at

last modified on  18 Jan 2008